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The law office of Charles B. Mead, Jr. P.A. in Boca Raton has been providing aggressive, results-oriented criminal defense representation to clients throughout South Florida for over 15 years. Attorney Charlie Mead dedicates his entire practice to criminal defense and protecting the rights of his clients above all else.

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Juvenile Offenses

South Florida Juvenile Defense Attorney

When you’re a parent, one of the most difficult things you can endure in life is to watch your child struggle while feeling helpless to do anything about it. In cases where your child is in legal trouble, it’s easy to understand why any parent desires the best possible defense attorney. In these early years, second chances are golden and can make a significant difference.

Serious allegations of criminal wrongdoing can easily obliterate your son or daughter’s self esteem, reputation, sense of safety, and future opportunities for higher eduction.  Since each case is different, it is imperative that a strong, knowledgeable juvenile defense lawyer represent anyone under the age of eighteen who is accused of breaking the law.

Boca Raton attorney Charles Mead is a persistent, knowledgeable advocate for minors who find themselves caught in the juvenile justice system. He knows how to arrange for alternative solutions to incarceration, working with the utmost discretion and care to offer genuine resolutions to your child’s situation.

It’s easy to make mistakes early in your teens, but those indiscretions shouldn’t have to haunt your child for life. If you wish to avoid a criminal record in your son or daughter’s case, an experienced juvenile defense lawyer will know how to get him or her into an alternative program that can spare you both a lifetime of heartache and legal dysfunction.

The consequences for a juvenile conviction are getting more strict in the Florida justice system, and often, offenders younger than 18 are being charged and tried in criminal court as adults. South Florida attorney Mead has experience defending minors charged with:

  • Possession or sale of marijuana, narcotics, or any controlled substance
  • Underage drinking and other alcohol-related offenses, such as DUI
  • Destruction of property and vandalism
  • Arson
  • Truancy
  • Theft and shoplifting
  • Sex offenses
  • Date rape
  • Trespassing
  • Traffic-related crimes
  • Breaking and entering
  • Weapons and firearm offenses
  • Violence
  • Gang-related crimes and offenses
  • Assault, battery, school violence, and legal infractions associated with hazing or bullying
  • Illegal downloading (movies and music)
  • Internet bullying, cyber bullying and cyberstalking
  • Solicitation
  • Homicide and manslaughter

In juvenile cases, it’s important to minimize the impact to the child’s record and reputation. This is the age of easily accessible information, so a juvenile record could easily be viewed by a college, a prospective employer, or anyone else with a laptop and an internet connection.

South Florida Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney – Free Case Evaluation
To protect your child’s rights and his or her future, please call attorney Charles Mead  at (561) 362-6677 in Boca Raton, (561) 366-9565 in West Palm Beach, or (954) 493-7474 in Fort Lauderdale. Your initial consultation is confidential and as always, absolutely free.

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