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The law office of Charles B. Mead, Jr. P.A. in Boca Raton has been providing aggressive, results-oriented criminal defense representation to clients throughout South Florida for over 15 years. Attorney Charlie Mead dedicates his entire practice to criminal defense and protecting the rights of his clients above all else.

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DUI – Repeat Offenses

Boca Raton Attorney

Multiple DUIs Defense Lawyer

A first-time Florida DUI is serious on its own. However, when authorities charge you with multiple DUIs, the punishments associated with those charges will escalate quickly and exponentially. Florida courts have been cracking down on drunk drivers in recent years, especially repeat offenders, passing harsh sentences.

In Florida, DUI fines go up in direct ratio to your BAC blood alcohol level at the time you were arrested. They increase further if your record contains previous DUI convictions.

Sometimes, the courts allow those convicted of DUI to enroll in drug and alcohol rehab, letting that figure into sentence time served. Other than that, jail time will be determined by your blood alcohol level (BAL) at the time of the arrest and the number of drunk driving convictions on your record.

DUI penalties usually include vehicle impoundment. For a second conviction, you may lose your vehicle for thirty days. For the third conviction, it’s ninety days.

Florida’s Ten Day Rule
If you refused a Breathalyzer test (or any legal alcohol test) when you were arrested, or if you didn’t refuse and your BAL was 0.07 percent or higher, you have to ask for a hearing within 10 days to keep your driving privileges in the State of Florida. Failure to meet this requirement means a minimum 6-month suspension of your Florida license.

Second Offense and Beyond
A second DUI means fines up to $2,000, prison or jail time, and vehicle impoundment for thirty days. In Florida, your second DUI offense also garners a license suspension, and if it’s within five years of your first offense, a mandatory jail sentence of five years.

Your third DUI offense in ten years will be charged as a felony DUI. This means up to $5000 in fines and five years in jail.

If you want to refute charges this serious or try to receive a lesser sentence, you must speak to an experienced South Florida DUI defense attorney immediately. A DUI conviction can haunt you for years. This is no time to take any chances with an inexperienced defense lawyer.

Defense attorney Charles Mead has the tools to research and carefully examine the details of your situation, and can help you protect your reputation, your record, and your standing in the community.

Charles Mead, Defense Lawyer for Multiple DUIs
Remember, charges against you are exactly that… charges. Not convictions. You are still innocent until proven guilty. Mr. Mead can help you protect your rights, and can sometimes work to have the charges dropped or the case against you dismissed.

For two decades, attorney Charles B. Mead, Jr. P.A. has been practicing criminal defense law in South Florida. With his extensive knowledge of the law and his trial experience, he knows how to build an effective defense for you.

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Call Charles Mead’s office today for a free evaluation of your case. You can reach him by phone  at (561) 362-6677 in Boca Raton, (561) 366-9565 in West Palm Beach, or (954) 493-7474 in Fort Lauderdale.Mr. Mead accepts most major credit cards and offers payment plans for your convenience.

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I cant write enough in this small paragraph to explain how good, and how much Charlie has helped me. Beyond being professional, prompt ...

--Brad Zucker

Criminal Defense lawyer Charles Mead in Boca Raton, FL ROCKS!!! I needed a DUI attorney in the Boca Raton, FL area and a buddy of mine ...


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